My four years at NCG were, on reflection, a time of maturing, learning and gaining new experiences.  However, book-keeping with Miss Savage was not a positive experience - How did I ever end up in a commercial course?

My daily bike ride from Stoke in summer wearing a white panama hat, blazer and white gloves was a hot, hazardous and exhausting trip over Bishopdale Hill.

My favourite teachers were Mrs Cole, Miss Bythell and Miss Corrin, I loved Miss Corrin’s sense of style and fashion - suede skirts, funky boots, beads, belts and vests.

On leaving College I completed my Community Nurse training at Burwood Hospital, Christchurch and I have continued my nursing career to this day. I am a mother to Andrew and Elizabeth, also an Old Girl, and I have three delightful grandchildren.

I became a glider pilot in my younger years and have maintained my interest in aviation and I have been lucky enough to have travelled extensively overseas.

Virginia Hogarth (Varley)

Nelson College for Girls 1968 to 1971

Five years as a boarder from French Pass in Clarice Johnston House was a mixed experience for me, from desperate homesickness in the third form to creating close friendships with girls from all over New Zealand in my senior years. Head Matron Helen Grieg was a wise, caring and encouraging woman whose guidance I really valued.

I managed to pass enough exams to get into university, did an English degree at Canterbury and became a secondary school teacher. The teacher who influenced me most was Peter Belton, the Head of Art, who encouraged me to believe I could succeed. I’ve loved teaching and been co-HoD, a Dean and held other management positions. At present I’m part time which has freed up time to get involved, amongst other things, in the Old Girls Association.

Since “Scope” the magazine a few of us produced in 1971, I’ve developed my writing skills and have co-written English texts and write a column in the Nelson Mail. I have three grown up children and one grandson

Angela Fitchet (Webber)

Nelson College for Girls 1968 to 1972

Angela Fitchett (Webber) and Virginia Hogarth (Varley)
Virginia Hogarth (Varley
Angela Fitchett (Webber)

Pictured left to right:

Angela Fitchet (Webber); Viginia Hogarth (Varley).


From left to right: Jenny Thomson, Virginia Hogarth, Angela Fitchett, Deb Moore

L to R: Judy Mumm, Joy Wilson, Margaret Mills, Kathy Cuthbert, Alison McAlpine (Patron and former Principal).

Joy Wilson pays tribute to Judy Mumm on her retirement. Behind L: Joy Oakley, R: Liz Oliver.

L to R: Virginia Hogarth (President), Judy Mumm and Angela Fitchett (Secretary).

Judy Mumm, retiring from Committee after 37 years service.




In 1954 when I started Prep there were 33 pupils – two in Standard 4 (Year 6), 16 in Form 1 (Year 7) and 15 in Form 2 (Year 8). We had one teacher – Mrs Lockhart, fondly called Lockie. Our classroom was on the ground floor of an old two-storey house and two rooms had been formed into one. Sixty years on many of the friends I made then are still my friends today.

Jeanette Lash (Addis)

I came to Prep in Form 2 (Year 8) in 1980 knowing no one. I quickly made friends - some of whom remain close friends today. There was only one Form 2 class, ably taught by Mrs Jones whom I liked very much! We were integrated into the College through House activities, classes up at the College and school assemblies.

One of my favourite memories was going to clothing classes. I was hopeless - sewing the pieces of my dress around the wrong way, cutting roughly and then over locking up the middle of my dress. I was told never to sew again-yippee!

Nicky Grimes (Lash)

When I arrived at prep in 2009 at the height of 136 cm and the young age of 10, I was amongst the smallest of the 48 newcomers. Knowing only one person, my first week was rather daunting. Upon overcoming this I began to make some very close friendships which I still hold today in college. A fond memory of mine has got to be inventing imaginary games with my friends. Darting around the surrounding bushes and courtyard playing our childish games and just being ourselves. I also remember sitting in the front right of the hall in assemblies looking up at the head students and dreaming of one day becoming one. I guess dreams really do come true!

Annie Grimes

Top left: Liz McReady and Jenny Thomson wear winter felt and summer Panama hats while organising the new uniform archive cupboard.

Top middle: Helpers in the kitchen at Senior Graduation - Deb Moore, Angela Fitchett and Joy Wilson.

Top right: At AGM 2015 Executive members Deb Moore and Yvonne Bowater.

Bottom left: Christmas Morning Tea 2014 - College Library - Executive members Virginia Hogarth, Jenny Thomson, Tracey Lawson, Deb Moore, Kathy Cuthbert, Karen Price and Diana Smith


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