Student Experiences

Riko Shibata from Japan
Nelson College for Girls is a girls' school located in Nelson, New Zealand. I have been studying at NCG for 2 years and I am now in Year 13 which is my last year of studying in New Zealand. 


Lena from Austria
I would like to tell you about the awesome time I had at Nelson College for Girls and my decision to stay in the Boarding House!


Hannah from Austria
When I came to New Zealand, I was excited for the upcoming six months. However, after only a few weeks in Nelson, I changed my plans and decided to extend my stay to a whole year so I could finish Year 13 at NCG.


Janis Lo from Hong Kong
New Zealand is a very unique place with a relatively small population. Although Nelson isn't one of the main cities of New Zealand, there is lots to do! Especially for those who like nature and photography, Nelson is the best place for you!


Wan-Ting Jung from Taiwan
I feel that only when we make the most of the opportunities that we are given here at NCG, can they help to make our stay fun and worthwhile. So don't hesitate or worry about making a mistake, we all make mistakes!


Hyun-Jin from South Korea
I first stayed in the Boarding House which gave me a great chance to make lots of kiwi friends in different year groups. Now, I'm in homestay accommodation as I wanted to see what the homestay life is like.


Phichaphon Khlaiphayak from Thailand
I appreciate my parents who gave me an opportunity to study here and always support me in education. I am also thankful to this school that gives us a lot of fantastic experiences in New Zealand.


Quynh Nhu from Vietnam
Nelson is the centre of New Zealand and it’s the most peaceful, beautiful place I have ever seen.