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The boarding house of Nelson College for Girls is a busy, vibrant and stimulating environment for girls from throughout New Zealand, Asia, Europe and the Pacific Islands.   Clarice Johnstone Levels was opened in 2011 providing accommodation with 35 single study bedrooms for senior students together with kitchen and lounge facilities - see Accommodation below for photos of this new facility. 

Extracts from the 2012 ERO Report state that:

  • "Relationships between hostel staff and boarders are positive and respectful." 
  • "Regular contact with parents is well managed."
  • "Students reported that the environment is homely and family-like."
  • "Year 12 students have clearly defined supervision and leadership responsibilities. These are seen in a positive light by younger boarders."

Clarice Johnstone House obtained its Hostel Licence in December 2006 in compliance with the Education (Hostels) Regulations 2005 and was renewed in 2009 and updated in 2010, when capacity increased to 151 with The Levels new build.


International students should contact Mrs June Laird in the International Department at the College.  

Applications for 2014

There are limited vacancies to commence in Term 1 2014 so please click here for the application process.  An application for boarding is also an application for College enrolment and we will liaise with you on this process.  The College's enrolment forms and curriculum information is available here. 

General Information

Please read the Boarding Information Book which can be downloaded from the resource section on the right for information about the process. The Boarding Application form is also available on the right of this page.  Please contact Susan Freidlander during school time to discuss an application or to find out more about boarding.   The College enrolment process for 2014 is part of the boarding application process.

Students residing with their families overseas should check their eligibility for free medical care in New Zealand with the Ministry of Health or arrange their own medical insurance.  Families need to make their own travel and accommodation arrangements for when Clarice Johnstone House is closed during school holidays.

For enrolment in Years 7 & 8 please follow the application process for the Preparatory School and complete the Boarding Application form.


The full schedule of Boarding Fees and Expenses, other costs, and what Financial Assistance is available, is all in the Boarding Information Book in the Resources section on the right.


Dormitories contain double cubicles where students have their own bed and lockable wardrobe and are encouraged to make it attractive with posters, plants and photos so that they feel at home. Senior girls help to supervise the juniors and these girls have their own single room within the dormitory.  Want to view the Boarding Facilities?  

Clarice Johnstone Levels opened in 2011 for students in Year 13.  This provides the boarders with their own kitchen, lounge and laundry facilities together with single study bedrooms providing them with the opportunity to become more independent and ready to move on from school the following year.  Although the Year 13 boarders are being provided with some independence, they are expected to participate in all House activities and be in the Dining Room with all the other boarders for the evening meal. 

New Zealand Boarding school courtyard New Zealand Boarding school New Zealand Boarding school Lounge
New Zealand Boarding school Lower Levels New Zealand Boarding school student room

Rules and Special Privileges

Yes there are some rules though we do try and keep these to a minimum. What rules there are, are strongly enforced for students' safety. As a Boarder you will enjoy some special privileges such as after hours access to school facilities including the library and swimming pool, at appropriate times and under supervision.

Communication & Staying In Touch

Girls have access to telephones, incoming and outgoing mail, Email, wi-fi internet and may use their cellphone but there are restrictions on where and when.  More information is available in the Boarding Information Book.


  • Boarding Manager - Resident: Barbara Symons
  • Deputy Manager - Resident: Susan Friedlander
  • Health Nurse/Receptionist: Helen Hoby
  • Liaison Teacher for Boarders: Anna Keogan
  • Boarding Enquiries: Contact Susan Freidlander


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Boarding Information
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Boarding Application
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Ministry of Education Boarding Allowance N/A