Boarding at Nelson college for girls

Nelson College for Girls offers high quality, affordable education for young women in a very supportive environment. Our Boarding Hostel, Clarice Johnstone House, is a very important part of this. It offers excellent accommodation for up to 150 students, from New Zealand and overseas.

The boarding house of Nelson College for Girls is a busy, vibrant and stimulating environment for girls from throughout New Zealand, Asia, Europe and the Pacific Islands. Clarice Johnstone Levels was opened in 2011 providing accommodation with 35 single study bedrooms for senior students together with kitchen and lounge facilities.


Dormitories contain double cubicles where students have their own bed and lockable wardrobe and are encouraged to make it attractive with posters, plants and photos so that they feel at home. Senior girls help to supervise the juniors and these girls have their own single room within the dormitory.


Clarice Johnstone Levels opened in 2011 for students in Year 13. This provides the boarders with their own lounge and laundry facilities together with single study bedrooms providing them with the opportunity to become more independent and ready to move on from school the following year. Although the Year 13 boarders are being provided with some independence, they are expected to participate in all House activities and be in the dining room with all the other boarders for the evening meal.


Boarding Manager - Resident: Barbara Symons

Deputy Manager - Resident: Sally Pitt

Administration - Bec McEwan

Liaison Teacher for Boarders - Anna Keogan

Phone: 03 548 1332