sport at prep

The Preparatory School students are able to participate in a wide range of co-curricula activities and use the many superb facilities available in the College.

The Preparatory School encourages students to participate in individual and team sports, played competitively within the school, as well as in interschool competitions and regional and national tournaments.

Sporting opportunities can include:
•  Netball
•  Lunchtime sport activities
•  Basketball
•  Cross country
•  Volleyball
•  Touch
•  Table Tennis
•  Badminton
•  Underwater Hockey
Sports exchanges with other schools can include:
•  Intermediate Winter Tournament
•  Intermediate Athletics
•  Intermediate Summer Tournament
•  Intermediate Swimming Sports
•  Cross Country
•  Volleyball
•  Touch/Rippa rugby

Sporting opportunities involving the College Include:
•  Swimming Sports
•  Athletics sports
•  House Heptathlon
•  Cross Country
•  House Summer and Winter Sports Competitions

All Preparatory Students are assigned to one of the five Nelson College for Girls Houses.