NYPS Curriculum


Students have the opportunity to begin or continue with their academic learning . An assessment is made on enrolment as to the students academic requirements.

At NYPS a student can study at different NCEA levels and move up a level when a level is achieved and the staff and the student feel they are academically ready for the next level.

Our teaching staff cover a broad subject base - english, maths to level 1, technology, home economics, P.E, health, history, home and life science, and computing NCEA L1/2. For all the subjects the student is enrolled in TeKura and NYPS staff facilitate their learning. Open Polytech and Southern Institute of Technology (SIT) are examples of a tertiary provider which is used also.

Each student works alongside staff to create an individual Education Programe (IEP). This IEP includes academic subjects which the student has chosen based on interest, career plans and compulsory NCEA requirements such as literacy and numeracy.

Within the IEP students will have SMART goals, Te Whare goals an academic goal and a career goal. These are discussed and set after consultation with a staff member.