I am deeply and gratefully thankful for your influence in my life.  It means more to me than words could ever explain.

You were incredible, calm, peaceful, passionate, understanding, nurturing, loving and non-judging.

The house and the school needs to understand how lucky we were to have you guiding us.

Past student

To my perfect roommate,  

I'm still adapting to New Zealand and the boarding house, but I don't feel nervous or scared anymore about New Zealand because you helped me.

I like talking with you.  You are one of the nicest people that I have ever met.

Thank you again for helping me during term 1.

Past student


Students have access to incoming and outgoing mail, email, WiFi internet and may use their cellphone, but there are restrictions on where and when. More information is available in the Boarding Information Book.


Yes, there are some rules though we do try and keep these to a minimum. What rules there are, are strongly enforced for students' safety. As a Boarder you will enjoy some special privileges such as after hours access to school facilities including the library and swimming pool, at appropriate times and under supervision.


Students residing with their families overseas should check their eligibility for free medical care in New Zealand with the Ministry of Health or arrange their own medical insurance.  Families need to make their own travel and accommodation arrangements for when Clarice Johnstone House is closed during school holidays.