Welcome to Nelson College for Girls

“Be your best at NCG” 

What amazing young women we have at Nelson College for Girls.  Throughout their time at school they are encouraged to “Be their best” in all that they do at NCG.  Our students achieve outstandingly in academic, cultural and sporting activities and we are very proud of their efforts. Underpinning all that they do are our PRIDE values and expectations. 

As a school with a significant history of more than 135 years, our young women are often inspired by the successes of their peers and of the women who have preceded them.  We endeavour to ensure that students go into the world with confidence and with a sense of pride at achieving to the best of their abilities. We encourage our students and staff to develop positive, supportive relationships between students and with teachers. 

Our ārahi mentoring system, which is based around vertical groupings of students, with one teacher focuses on the wellbeing and academic progress of each student.  This system, introduced in 2018, has been very successful at developing strong relationships and at ensuring that students are supported very well from their first day until they leave school. 

We are focused on ensuring that the academic needs of all students are catered for so that they can indeed “be the very best they can be”.  This means that we provide courses and programmes suited to the academic abilities of the students, through differentiation of the programmes and through providing additional support for students with particular learning needs – such as students identified as being gifted and talented and those with identified learning support needs. 

We encourage our students to fully participate in a wide range of extra-curricular activities.  As they progress through the school there is also considerable opportunity for leadership and the school recognises the importance of fostering the self-confidence and sense of pride that comes from providing these leadership opportunities. 

In deciding to come to NCG, your daughter would find herself in a vital, caring community that will enable her to grow and develop as a young woman to “Be her Best”.  We look forward to meeting you and to show you more of what we have to offer. 

Cathy Ewing
(BA, Dip Educational Leadership)