School Online Systems

Schools are working in a rapidly and frequently changing environment. 

This is both exciting and challenging.  All of these systems can be accessed online, at anytime, anywhere you have internet access.

By logging into KAMAR through the Web Portal, you can access your daughter's attendance, her timetable, the main school notices (but not those specific to Prep). You can also access her grades and (once uploaded) her report. Parents are given their login at the beginning of the year via email.

Students can access information regarding the daily notices, school calendar, attendance, timetable and results.

Microsoft 365
Microsoft 365 is the online environment for both staff and students.

All students have an email account and online versions of Microsoft Office. Students are entitled to download the full office suite to their laptops.

Social Media
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School Stream App
The NCG schoolstream app delivers information directly to parents and students on their mobile devices. This includes events, newsletters, alerts and other information.  Download it to your smartphone.