Homestay Life

If you chose Homestay accommodation you will live and be part of an English speaking New Zealand family. This will help you improve your English language skills and learn about New Zealand culture.

On arrival at Nelson Airport you will be met by the International Homestay Coordinator and your Homestay family. The Homestay Coordinator will keep in close contact with you and your host family and support you during in your stay in Nelson.


We want to make your stay in Nelson as comfortable and enjoyable as possible. Before you arrive, we will ask you questions about your interests and other things, such as your diet. This is to help the International  Homestay Coordinator find a compatible family who share your interests. It is important that you are honest and open about yourself and clear about any special requirements you need in a Homestay.

The Homestay family will provide you with three meals a day, a bedroom of your own with a desk and internet access. They will also support you in your school life and extra-curricular activities. As part of a Homestay family you will be included in outings so that you have an opportunity to learn more about the Nelson region. We would like you to join in with and become part of the family.