Preparatory school

Prep is a small, friendly Intermediate School.

Our close ties with the main Nelson College for Girls allow us to nurture your daughter in the unique environment of our small school, whilst offering enormous potential to grow and explore all that is offered by the opportunities afforded by the larger College Campus.



  • Experienced, dedicated, professional teachers and support staff

  • Two classes at Year 7 and two at Year 8

  • Modern, well equipped, attractive classrooms

  • Excellent resources for both teachers and students including active use of the digital environment

  • A supportive, seamless approach and preparation for secondary education at Nelson College for Girls

  • Each Ārahi class maintains a relationship with Year 13 Students who are their Ārahi Mentors. These senior students visit their Preparatory class each week and are a valuable link between the Preparatory School and the Main College.

  • Additionally, upon entering the school, each Year 7 class is matched with a Year 8 'Buddy' class. This helps our new students to adapt to their new environment quickly and also develops the Year 8 students' leadership skills.

  • Inclusion in House activities - Sport and Performing Arts.