Welcome to Nelson College for Girls

We pride ourselves on providing a world class education for our young women in a very caring and supportive family environment. 

There has always been a focus on achievement in our school in academic, sporting and cultural activities and we are proud of our results in all these areas, on both a local and a national level.

Nelson College for Girls is a school with a very proud history. For more than 130 years, we have produced young women who have gone into the world with confidence and a sense of pride in achieving to the best of their abilities.  Often they have been inspired by the successes of the women who have preceded them. Our motto 'Pietas, Probitas et Sapientia' - Loyalty, Honesty and Wisdom - sums up well the values and essence of our school.

Positive, supportive relationships between students and teachers form the basis for learning in our school and these are encapsulated in our school values of PRIDE. We encourage our students to be confident in all that they learn and to take full advantage of all that the school can offer them. Many of our students now have their own internet capable devices, allows them to be increasingly independent in their learning, while guided by their teachers. Blended learning using both books and devices is the way we learn and digital citizenship skills are essential for everyone.

Our young women also fully participate in a wide range of co-curricular activities, with great enthusiasm and success. As they progress through the school, there is also considerable opportunity for leadership and the school recognises the importance of fostering the self-confidence and sense of pride that comes from providing these leadership opportunities.

Our staff have a strong commitment to providing our students with a holistic education. They are passionate about their curriculum subjects and therefore foster a love of learning in our young women. They also create a very caring learning environment so that the pastoral needs of our students are catered for.

Through the information on this website we know that you will find a vital community that your daughter would be proud to belong to. We look forward to meeting with you.

Cathy Ewing
(BA, Dip Educational Leadership)